28 Day Rehab Nyc

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28 Day Rehab Nyc

In less than a month, you can recover from alcohol or drug addiction at Legacy Healing Center through our 28 day rehab in NYC. While some rehabs provide treatment that lasts for 3-6 months, many patients do not require that much time spent in treatment. If you’re comparing addiction rehab programs, consider looking into everything we can offer you at Legacy Healing Center. Along with our Detox and Partial Hospitalization Programs, we can provide clinical therapy, outpatient support, and quality aftercare services.

28 Day Treatment at Legacy Healing Center

In just 4 weeks, you’ll learn the skills needed to avoid a relapse and take control of your addiction. Legacy Healing Center’s inpatient program is one of the best in the country for short-term residential substance abuse detox and treatment. You’ll find our website a wealth of information when you’re looking into different programs available in NYC. If you aren’t able to commit more than about a month to a treatment program, you’re not alone- we receive many phone calls from people who are interested in a shorter program than what most other facilities can offer.

Beating Addiction Starts With Detox

You may be worried about going through the withdrawal phase of recovery; with medication-assisted detox, painful withdrawals are significantly reduced. Click the ‘Detox’ link on our homepage to find out more about taking the first steps on your journey to wellness. Our website’s content answers questions like, ‘What is Detox?’, and, ‘Do I Need Detox?” If you haven’t undergone detox, it’s an important step in your treatment program. Feel free to call our 24/7 helpline with your questions- your call is 100% confidential.

Inpatient Treatments at Legacy Healing Center

Programs for 28 day rehab in NYC at Legacy Healing Center include:

  • Alcohol addiction recovery
  • Opioid addiction recovery
  • Heroin addiction Recovery
  • Cocaine addiction recovery
  • Meth addiction recovery
  • Ecstacy addiction recovery

Browse the resources found in our blog section to learn about the signs and symptoms of addiction, relapse prevention, and the value of having someone you can talk to when choosing a treatment facility. Bookmark our website and return often to find helpful information as you consider which 28 day rehab in NYC will best meet your needs.

Choose LHC For the Best 28-Day Rehab Programs

Not all recovery programs are alike; in fact, there are so many differences between one program and the next that it pays to spend time looking at every aspect of a program before you decide on a treatment center for your recovery process. Alcohol and drug abuse long-term programs are not always the right option, especially for patients who have responsibilities at home or at work. Our 4-week treatment program can get you back on track without the need for a major life interruption. If you need aftercare services or support after the program has ended, you’ll find that Legacy Healing Center will be there for you with ongoing treatment and multiple outpatient care options.

28 Day Rehab Nyc