Alcohol Rehab Nh

The Riverbank House is more of a residential community rather than a treatment facility. Our home-like setting and our team of compassionate staff offer the perfect environment for you to heal and get better. Call us for more information on our alcohol rehab in NH.

What is the difference between a halfway house and sober living?

Sober living homes belong to rehab centers while the government runs a halfway house. Halfway house is a dorm-like setting and doesn’t always promise comfort. On the contrary, sober living homes offer a more private, organized, and comfortable kind of accommodation.

Sober living homes offer more amenities and privacy while you will find halfway houses generally more crowded. Due to this reason, sober living homes are costlier than halfway houses. For affordable addiction treatment, call us today.

How long can you live in a sober house?

Staying at a sober living home minimizes the chances of relapse as it offers strong peer support and a trigger-free environment. A recent study suggests that individuals who stayed at a sober living home for at least a year were less vulnerable to relapse

and erratic behaviors than those who left a sober living home much earlier.

However, those with mild to moderate addiction issues can benefit more from a short stay of 3-6 months at a halfway house. Call our Alcohol rehab in NH for more information on our long term treatment programs.

Life after rehab

Although successful completion of rehab treatment is a significant accomplishment; sustaining sobriety takes lifelong commitment and a steady state of mind. Try to stay away from triggers and stressful situations that can cause cravings or temptations. Employ what you learned in therapy in everyday living to guard yourself against triggers. Make sure to attend support groups, NA meetings, and aftercare programs offered by your rehab center to stay focused on sobriety.

Steer clear of loneliness and boredom by surrounding yourself with sober friends, loved ones, and family member. 50% of patients give into relapse within six months of rehab treatment because of loneliness. Keep yourself occupied by indulging in different hobbies. Follow a regular fitness regime and adopt a well-balanced and nourishing diet to maintain an active mind and a healthy body. We offer individual therapy, check-ups, and conduct support groups for our former patients to quick and long-lasting recovery.

Choosing a treatment center

Choose a licensed treatment center that has the best clinical staff team, infrastructure, and amenities. Talk to the admissions officer at more than one rehab to inquire about their cost of rehab, treatment programs, treatment for co-occurring mental disorders, and continuing care programs. Speak to some of their former patients before you finalize a treatment center.

Take part in the most excellent and effective alcohol rehab in NH. We don’t just focus on treating your addiction. Instead, we follow a holistic treatment approach to treat the cause of your addiction and the aftermath of substance abuse. Call The Riverbank House for more details.

Alcohol Rehab Nh

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Alcohol Rehab Nh

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