Drug Detox

Going through drug detoxification can be the most challenging part of trying to stop an addiction. The withdrawal symptoms you feel may make it hard to go through drug detox. The difficult withdrawal period occurs during the first days of detox, and if you are trying to quit on your own, you might give up and take drugs to stop the uncomfortable or intolerable symptoms. One way to get through this period is with rapid detoxification. Our Rapid Detox Clinic offers the ideal solution by providing a speedy way to go through the detox process.

What is Drug Detoxification?

Detoxification occurs when the body gets rid of toxins and substances such as drugs. The body becomes dependent on substances, and changes occur to accommodate them. When you stop taking drugs, your body has to return to normal function. This detox process can take several days or longer and produces a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms may include headaches, body aches, tremors, nausea, hallucinations, anxiety, and more. It is best to undergo detox under medical supervision.

How Rapid Detox Works

Rapid drug detox is a way to go through the process of withdrawal more quickly. Our ultra-rapid detox utilizes anesthesia, so you are completely sedated for the first 8 hours of the process. You will be asleep and under medical care during the worst of your withdrawal symptoms. Typical detox can take several or more days to complete. Our process speeds up withdrawal and compresses a week of withdrawal into one day. You will wake up with the worst part of the detox process behind you so you can start to focus on your recovery.

Benefits of Rapid Detox

There are several benefits of undergoing rapid detoxification. The process takes only about 8 hours so that you will wake up after the worst withdrawal symptoms. Most people who try to stop taking drugs on their own fail because they can’t endure the first day of withdrawal. We eliminate that situation to provide you the best path towards recovery. With the worst of the symptoms behind you, it is easier to get past the withdrawal process and start the recovery process. You will find the process fast, safe, and effective.

What to Expect During Rapid Detox

Our medical team oversees the entire procedure from start to finish. Dr. Yee has certification and experience delivering anesthesia. You will be safe and comfortable while you are asleep during the process. You will wake up after the process and will still likely suffer some symptoms, although they will be less severe. We help you get past the most severe withdrawal symptoms under doctor supervision. When you complete rapid detox, your body will start returning to normal and won’t require harmful drugs. Then, you will start therapy to ensure that you won’t relapse into drug abuse again.

Rapid Detox Clinic is a leading detoxification center. We have helped thousands of people as they overcome their addictions and regain control of their lives. We are here to help you start a new life that is free from drug use. Contact Rapid Detox Clinic to speak with a doctor: (800) 276-7021.

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