Drug Detox Lake Forest

Article provided by: Still Water Wellness Group

Drug Detox Lake Forest

Still Water Wellness Group offers customizable drug detox in Lake Forest to help people cope with aggressive withdrawal and set them on the path to sobriety. The detox process is critical for a smooth, safe, and reliable rehab program, allowing you to quit your addiction fast.

What happens during drug and alcohol detox?

The procedure’s goal is to help our patients overcome the withdrawal with as little pain and discomfort as possible. The treatment consists of several phases:

  • Initial clinical assessment – The assessment phase begins with the first phone call, during which you will discuss with one of our professionals about your condition and recovery goals. The next phase will take place at our facility, during a one-on-one with one of our clinicians. The goal is to extract as much info as possible about your addiction condition so that our professionals can craft a personalized treatment protocol.
  • Targeted medication plans – We will then build a patient-oriented medication plan to inhibit cravings, minimize the withdrawal’s impact, and reset the addicted brain. This will calm the nervous system while flushing out any toxins and alcohol and drug-related components.
  • Psychotherapy and counseling – Our Lake Forest alcohol detox program includes psychotherapy and counseling sessions to help people manage their harmful thoughts and behaviors during rehab. This will prepare you for the alcohol and drug detox in Lake Forest, allowing you to understand yourself and your overarching recovery goals better.
  • Dual diagnosis assistance – Many rehab patients show symptoms of co-occurring disorders like PTSD, OCD, bipolar, anxiety, depression, etc. Addressing these conditions during the rehab process is critical for ensuring a well-rounded recovery experience. The treatment may include medication, therapy, counseling, recreational and holistic activities, aftercare guidance, etc.

Will the detox program help you beat addiction?

On its own, no. The detox program is not a rehab treatment in and of itself, but the beginning of one. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Lake Forest only relies on detox to stabilize patients, help them overcome the withdrawal, and prepare them for upcoming rehab modalities. It’s after the detox treatment that the real rehab protocol begins, encompassing treatment programs like inpatient programs, PHP, IOP, outpatient care, sober living, etc.

That aside, the detoxification procedure is essential for combating aggravated forms of substance addiction and co-occurring disorders. The treatment allows our clinicians to assess your condition and prescribe patient-oriented treatments designed to help you control your harmful behavior and cravings and embrace sobriety over the years. And it all begins with our detox for alcohol in lake Forest.

How to prepare for detox success

Coming to our best Lake Forest medical detox facilities is critical for ensuring long-lasting sobriety. You only need strength of mind and determination to see things through, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We urge you to contact Still Water Wellness Group for customized drug detox in Lake Forest and an unforgettable recovery journey in a safe and comfortable setting. You can speak to our expert clinicians at 1-800-563-8983 to make an appointment and start the treatment as soon as you’re ready.

Drug Detox Lake Forest

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Drug Detox Lake Forest

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