Drug Rehab Consultants

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Drug rehab consultantsare a necessity in two main areas for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, opiate detox’s and sober livings. CEO’s of addiction treatment centers need expertise on the best digital marketing strategies and business management consulting to survive the changes of the behavioral healthcare industry. The churn for drug rehab leads and clients searching for rehabilitation in the addiction treatment industry is astoundingly high. Many owners experience difficulties with drug rehab marketing plan creation and implementation.
Starting and running a highly profitable drug and alcohol treatment center is the goal, but it can be taxing and costly without the help of experienced business management consultants. Being one of the most profitable ventures in the world today, it does not mean that it is easy to run. Just like any other business, expertise is needed for a successful growth and profitability. Behavioral Health Network Resources are not only drug rehab consultants, we have been educating addiction Executive with our 13 Addiction Executive Ethical Marketing Practices (EMP) conferences. Each of these conferences feature 5 different Thought Leader Panellists in a talk show host forum.
Drug Rehab Consultants Prevent Costly Mistakes
The main reason addiction treatment centers hire drug rehab consultants is to prevent costly mistakes. Web marketing is complicated and constantly changing. Website development, hierarchy, search engine optimization, Google my Business, back-links, citations across the web are just some areas that need to be in place. In addition, treatment centers and detox providers need backend tracking from Google analytics and call tracking metrics. There are paramount things that Addiction treatment centers, opiate detox’s and sober living owners must knowin their drug rehab marketing strategies.
The drug and alcohol addiction treatment industry generates 35 billion dollars a year. However, it is extremely competitive and effective marketing costs money. Experienced and visible drug rehab consultants can prevent many of these costly marketing mistakes. Many on-line drug and alcohol addiction treatment center marketing agencies claim they have strategies for drug rehab lead generation. Many new and existing centers are making costly mistakes that could be prevented with drug rehab consultants.
Digital Marketing Agencies Should Lead by Example
Addiction treatment marketing is a unique niche and requires several important aspects. Experience with drug addiction recovery programs in addition to advertising and marketing experience outside the industry are paramount. Both are absolute musts when hiring drug rehab consultants. The expertise provided by these two variables will prevent wasted marketing dollars by avoiding some of the many common mistakes made by new centers and existing rehab providers.
One of the best ways to weed out some of the less experienced drug rehab consultants is to look at the marketing they are generating for their consulting firm. Are they marketing for their services in addition to individuals seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment? It’s easy to show their portfolio of addiction treatment centers they are consulting with, however are they practicing what they preach in their own business marketing strategy? You should see their marketing spread across the web.
They should have touched you on different mediums that may include top ranking on Google search, Google 3-pack, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and in your email inbox. Every advertising and marketing agency will tell you that you must be a leader in your niche. The above will indicate if they have the tools, education and experience to assist your organization. It will clearly demonstrate what they could potentially do for your drug rehab lead generation campaign. 
With our many years of experience as drug rehab consultants, we help businesses discover possible pitfalls that can bring their businesses down in a more customised manner. To us, every drug addiction recovery center is unique and we offer consulting services that matches with its specific needs.
Digital Marketing Consultants Must Know Websites and SEO
Organizations in the behavioral health industry must understand that a website is like an iceberg. Over 90% of an icebergs volume can’t be seen because it is underwater. Many addiction treatment centers base the quality of their website on ascetics. While this is an important aspect for drug rehab lead generation on the web, it is not the most important aspect. There are many moving parts underneath a website that must work in harmony to rank on page one of Google.
Digital marketing, SEO and lead generation are core aspects of every successful business. Your addiction treatment center may not have all the necessary aspects in place to experience high website traffic and generate phone calls. It takes knowledge and experience in drug rehab lead generation to boost your organic rankings and brand awareness.
Digital Marketing, SEO and Lead Generation
Inadequate website development is the #1 reason web marketing fails in the addiction treatment industry. A website is the foundation for all businesses. It is not a necessary evil, it is a revenue generating machine. Building a structured and precise foundation is an absolute must.  Many businesses in the recovery industry take short-cuts when building their websites. They usually price shop when they are building their website, taking the lowest bidder. This critical mistake can cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars on their marketing and advertising.
It starts with organized hierarchy in a manner that is favourable to Google. Google spiders scan websites looking to fill a search inquiry. Without proper hierarchy they will not be able to find the information or have difficulty in finding the pertinent information. This causes them to not read the site or penalize the website. The bot is looking for the sitemap, schema, optimized keywords, current rankings, Google maps, local listings to name a few. These are just some of the areas that are missed by taking shortcuts when getting a website built or re-built. Drug rehab consultants can prevent this mistake for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.
How Poor SEO Affects Addiction Treatment Center Marketing
SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It generates free traffic from Google search either organically or in Google Maps. It is impossible for anyone to know everything there is know about SEO, even drug rehab consultants. One of the main reasons is because Google doesn’t provide exacts on what they are looking for in search engine optimization. They provide little golden nuggets and the rest are white hat best practices. The bottom line is SEO takes time and knowledge. The problem here is drug rehabs have traditionally used short-term solutions to the long-term problem of maintaining a healthy census. Many us black hat SEO tricks that work may work for a short period of time, however Google eventually penalizes their website for using these tactics.
SEO starts with the building or re-building of the website. Once this is done properly without short-cuts then stage is on-going and endless. Drug rehab consultants can bring education on SERP’s, H tags and much more. The second stage should start with local SEO in Google Maps, citations, hyperlocal pages and the extremely important blog.
Why Hire Drug Rehab Consultants
The addiction treatment industry generates a tremendously large amount of revenue and is extremely competitive. Many drug rehab centers unknowing are wasting their drug rehab marketing and advertising dollars. Due diligence is paramount in finding the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective digital marketing strategies for success. Drug rehab consultants provide the experience and knowledge to avoid costly mistakes.