Drug Rehab Portsmouth Nh

The Riverbank House is one of the top-rated drug rehabs in NH. Our affordable and unique treatment programs have helped hundreds of men to heal and practice a sober life. Visit our residential community like setting to get a feel of our treatment approach.

What is long term addiction recovery?

Long term addiction treatment is used to treat those with severe addiction issues and generally ranges between 3 to 12 months. Long term treatment facilities help in achieving the following goals:

  1. These programs are more effective in treating individuals with severe addiction issues.
  2. Individuals that stay for more extended periods in a rehab facility are less likely to give in to relapse.
  3. A long-term rehab program eradicates the negative thoughts, behaviors, and feelings and helps build a healthy routine robust coping mechanisms to overcome triggering situations.

Besides the above-listed set of goals, long term rehab treatments offer an array of benefits to recovering addicts. We are among the few drug rehabs in NH to provide long term treatment at affordable prices. Call us for more information.

What to expect in a long-term treatment?

Detox begins the process of rehab for all patients in an inpatient rehab program. After detox, you may start to adjust to the facility, get along with other inmates and the rehab staff. Following detox, you will be put on a structured rehab program to help you build a routine and overcome mental disorders if any.

You can also expect regular visits by members of your family and loved ones who may participate with you in counseling sessions and family therapy sessions. Some long-term rehab treatments conduct regular AA or NA meetings, or they may permit you to leave the rehab facility for attending such support groups. You can also expect to attend a lot of group sessions with other inmates at the rehab facility that focuses on building communication and interpersonal skills.

Furthermore, you may also attend individual psychotherapy sessions like Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectal behavioral therapy, EMDR therapy, etc. as a part of long term rehab treatment. During these sessions, a certified therapist will work with you to help you overcome your mental disorders. For more information on our long-term treatment program, speak to one of us today.

DBT and Addiction Treatment

DBT has been in use since the 1980s to teach confidence and build stability in recovering addicts with severe mood swings. DBT is used to develop assertiveness, tolerance, and promote interpersonal effectiveness to help individuals overcome triggers and stressful situations. DBT plays a pivotal role in reducing erratic behaviors and aggressiveness in recovering addicts, thereby enabling them to attain sobriety more easily.

We are one of the least expensive drug rehabs in NH. Call us to learn more about our ‘save a life’ grant and financing options to cover your rehab costs. At The Riverbank House, we practice evidence-based treatment programs to help recovering addicts derive the best results in recovery.

Drug Rehab Portsmouth Nh

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Drug Rehab Portsmouth Nh

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