Executive Rehab

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Executive rehabs

A lot of people associate luxury rehab centers with top execs, celebrities, and millionaires. Little do they know that executive rehabs should be for everyone. They provide the best environment for overcoming addiction, and they boast the most empathetic and knowledgeable professionals. If you’ve been battling addiction for a long time, and you’ve tried multiple rehab centers, perhaps, it’s high time you gave a luxury center like The Holistic Sanctuary a chance. And if you’re one of those that feel one shouldn’t have to pay over the top to overcome addiction, you must know that the cost of addiction is much more than whatever you’ll be paying for the treatment.

What are the advantages of executive rehabs?

The benefits of choosing a luxury rehab center like The Holistic Sanctuary goes beyond top-notch amenities and comfortable beds. Executive rehabs beat standard rehabilitation homes in every ramification, and here are some of their superior benefits:

  • Optimal patient to staff ratio

Just like any healthcare facility, the quality of care delivered in rehab homes hinges greatly on the patient to staff ratio. When members of staff are not overburdened by too many patients, they can help the ones at hand to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, most standard rehabs do not have enough staff to cater to their patient load. Executive rehabs, on the other hand, can maintain an optimal patient to staff ratio and guarantee adequate care and monitoring because they are not overburdened by too many patients.

  • Holistic treatments

Executive rehabs offer the best addiction treatment money can buy. But they do not just stick with conventional treatments. They enjoy the luxury of exploring holistic treatments and perfecting the most advanced treatment methods on their patients. For example, The Holistic Sanctuary developed and patented the Pouyan Method of treating addiction and other mental health disorders. This holistic treatment method does not rely on prescription drugs or other disease model maintenance drugs. Rather, it employs sacred plant therapy and other holistic protocols that takes the brain to its pre-addicted state.

  • Superior comfort

Executive rehabs offer patients all the amenities that will make them feel at home while going through addiction treatment. From private rooms with quality linens to large bathrooms, recreational facilities, and first-class cuisines, the best luxury rehabilitation centers really have it all. Thus, their patients can fully focus on their recovery. With standard rehabs, complaints about the environment or amenities, and not uncommon.

  • Serene environment

Standard rehabs have a hospital-like feel that leaves patients longing for home. It’s no surprise, therefore, that these centers have unimpressive success rates and a high rate of patient relapse. On the other hand, the best executive rehabs are located in serene, picturesque environments, and the beautiful scenery also helps patients relax and heal from their addiction.

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executive rehab

Executive Rehab