Halfway House Austin Texas

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Halfway House Austin Texas

The road to recovery comes with a lot of obstacles along the way. At Harmony Haus, our job is to remove them to make your path easier and smoother. For that reason, we invite you to our halfway house in Austin, Texas.

What is a halfway house?

It’s an institution that offers people the opportunity to deal with their mental and emotional issues, preparing them for social reintegration. As a victim of advanced substance addiction, your only chance of recovery comes in the form of a professional rehab treatment. During the rehab program, you will participate in detox, therapeutic interventions, counseling sessions, and support group programs. High-end rehab facilities also offer dual-diagnosis treatment, education, and relapse prevention support.

But the rehab treatment can’t help you remain sober for good. That depends solely on you. At our halfway house, our mission is to help you reorganize your priorities and expand on your qualities. We prepare you for going back home and remaining sober for the rest of your life, and we do it in a practical manner, rather than the theoretical approaches of a rehab treatment.

At our facility, you will work, participate in educational programs, and take responsibility for your actions. Our unbending internal regulations will test your willpower and determination, which will prepare you for real-life situations when your moral values alone will protect you against the relapse.

How can I avoid the relapse?

You can’t do it without expert assistance. Your best chance at adopting a clean, alcohol and drug-free life, is by joining our halfway house in Austin, Texas. We offer transitional recovery to people coming out of rehab, but not being prepared to take care of themselves out there. This is the primary reason why many victims of substance addiction relapse even years after completing the treatment.

Addiction is an incurable disease, which means you will always risk relapsing, given the right circumstances. You can avoid that scenario, but only if you get professional assistance along the way. Unlike a rehab facility, our institution focuses on the long-term stability of our patients. Our mission is to help you adopt a clean, substance-free lifestyle, and the only way to do that is by simulating a real-life social context.

At our halfway home, you will have real responsibilities, just like you would have back home. We’ll teach you life skills, self-control, and confidence, as critical aspects in an extensive self-development process.

Can I live a normal life after addiction?

Yes, you can. Although there is no cure for substance addiction, the disease is manageable. So long as you develop a well-defined set of moral principles and stick by it every day, your life will improve fast. At our halfway house in Austin, Texas, we teach people the importance of self-control and personal responsibility.

You can live a normal, healthy, and happy life, but you must want that with all your heart. Come to Harmony Haus, and begin your journey towards a better life!

Halfway House Austin Texas

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