Homeless Services Michigan

Homeless Services Michigan

Are you looking for a homeless shelter or other homeless services in Michigan? If so, Holy Cross Services welcomes you. If you or someone you love is currently homeless or is about to be homeless, and you’re looking for a temporary place to stay for free, don’t think about your situation as being the “rock bottom.” Think about your situation as being a new beginning. Sometimes, we have to hit that “rock bottom” so that we can bounce back up and start living a fulfilled life again. For some people; they need to separate themselves from their current environment, unlearn what they’ve been taught their whole lives, and start all over again.

Let Holy Cross Services Help

Regardless of your situation, Holy Cross Services can help. If you live in Michigan, and you need a place to stay that is safe, clean, and free, give us a call. Even if we do not have a Holy Cross Services homeless shelter in your town, we can connect you with the resources that you need at no cost to you. This includes our partnerships with other homeless shelters, agencies, charities, and non-profits in the state of Michigan that are all dedicated to helping people find temporary housing.

Whether you need a place to eat for free, sleep for the night, to take a shower, to get some hygiene and beauty products; we can help you find those local resources within your community. The good news is that those resources are there. With our help; you can easily find them.

A Little Bit About Us

Holy Cross Services provides homeless services in Michigan because we care about our neighbors. We are non-judgmental, helping people, and all of our staff are people who care. We preach the gospel, as we believe that it is the good news of Jesus Christ’s presence is the only way to be healed. His blood paid for our sins so that each one of us – even the so-called “worst” of us – can be redeemed and be made new.

We provide homeless services in Michigan that are designed to get to the root of the problem that causes homelessness in the first place, not merely to put a patch on the symptom. By learning the good news of Jesus Christ and forming a relationship with him, the change will come naturally. To that end; we provide long-term housing for our program graduates who are serious about changing their lives and living for the better. Holy Cross Services will go to any lengths to help those who want to help themselves.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask for Help

We know that it is not easy to ask for help when you need it, but asking for help to better your life and overcome a serious problem like homelessness is to be commended. Holy Cross Services would like to help you get your life back on track. Our homeless services are designed to do just that.

Homeless Services Michigan

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