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Indiana Inpatient Rehab is one of the most affordable Indiana drug rehab centers to offer treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. We also offer evidence-based therapies, individual and group sessions to treat co-occurring mental health illnesses.

What is a 12 step program?

Founders of Alcohol Anonymous created the 12 step program to act as a set of guidelines in helping recovering addicts overcome addiction. Several support groups for various types of addictions have taken the 12 step program as their base and made amendments to it to best address their needs.

The 12 step program acts as a plan of action for individuals battling with addictions and compulsive behaviors. It is more of a spiritual guide to sobriety, normalcy, and healthy living. However, a lot of atheists and rational thinkers have also found the program highly beneficial in the process of recovery.

Points to consider before choosing an inpatient treatment center

It is imperative to select a treatment center that best addresses your addiction condition and dual diagnosis situations if any. At our Indiana drug rehab, we design custom rehab treatment plan for each patient to help them make the most out of their time in rehab. Make sure to consider the following points before you finalize on an inpatient rehab center:

  • Choose a rehab center that specializes in treating your specific addiction and mental health disorder. Ask the treatment specialists in the center about the treatment programs that they use to treat your condition.
  • Rehabs centers generally offer a variety of therapies, individual and group counseling as a part of their inpatient treatment program. Inquire rehab centers on the different types of traditional and non-traditional therapies that they use in treating addiction. Enroll at a center that offers programs that match your interests.
  • Choose a treatment center that offers guidance and counseling even after you complete an inpatient program course. An aftercare program is crucial in the immediate few weeks after you leave a rehab facility to keep you sober.

Besides these points, make sure to enroll at a rehab facility that has a skilled staff team with accreditations, the latest infrastructure, and modern amenities. Last but not least, discuss your payment options; if whether they offer any scholarships, financial aids, etc.

Does the 12 step model for drug addiction work?

There are hundreds of success stories out on the internet that propagates the effectiveness of the 12 step model. However, there is enough formal research that supports the validity of the 12 step program. Nevertheless, for recovering addicts in rehab or recently out of rehab, the 12 Step model offers the perfect platform to feel safe and secure.

The program offers support, encouragement, and creates accountability for individuals that want to overcome addiction. The 12 step model advocates regular meetings which offer social support to help individuals stay clean.

Take your first step to freedom by calling our Indiana drug rehab center today. At Indiana Inpatient Rehab, we not only focus on treating the addiction condition but equip our patients with healthy coping mechanisms to deal with triggers.

Indiana Inpatient Rehab


Indiana Drug Rehab

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