Intervention Services Philadelphia

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Intervention Services Philadelphia

An intervention seems like a straightforward process, but only at first glance. They require the assistance of a trained professional. Addiction Treatment Group offers intervention services in Philadelphia. Our staff knows everything you and your loved ones need to set up an intervention.

Roadblocks for alcoholics

All addiction is harmful to both the addict and their families. Alcohol addiction is unique in that it lacks the same type of stigma that other addictions have. Alcoholics receive more pressure from marketing and society to return to their drinking lifestyle. Most social gatherings contain an alcohol component, and alcohol marketing is pervasive.

Families do not view alcohol problems with the same level of severity that they do other drugs. This ties into the acceptability of alcohol versus other drugs. While drinking is permissible, cocaine, heroin, etc. is not. This makes it hard to get families on board to support a life of sobriety for an alcohol addict.

Health issues facing alcoholics

Like all drugs, alcoholics face health problems triggered by their substance abuse. The most common issue seen in alcoholics is cirrhosis, which is scarring of the liver. Hepatitis is another issue with the liver frequently found in alcoholics. Problems with the functioning of the pancreas are also common as well. These issues cause the skin of alcoholics to look yellow or jaundiced.

Excessive use of alcohol over a prolonged period can lead to mental health issues as well. Excessive drinking harms the brain, which leads to impairment in a variety of ways. Memory and other cognitive functions decline with long-term alcohol use. An addict can “blackout” and have large swaths of time that they have no memory of. Long-term alcohol use can even trigger brain cell death.

How do you get an unwilling alcoholic into treatment?

It is very tough to get an alcoholic to accept help until they are ready. That is why an intervention is so important. An addict lives in a world of denial. A well-staged intervention works to break down that denial. It is important that loved ones organize their thoughts into a letter and that they practice reading that letter several times. Their letters need to be fact-based and show specific examples of how the addict’s behaviors have hurt them. The hope is that as the addict hears how they have hurt their family, they will want to seek help.

It will be quite tricky to get through to an addict. When you hire professional intervention services in Philadelphia, that person’s job is also to hold the addict accountable and break down their denial. Since the interventionist is a neutral party, this may be easier for them to do than family members.

Helping an addict while they are in rehab

If your loved one accepts help, you will want to show your support during this time. Visit during visiting hours at an inpatient facility. Send them positive messages of affirmation whenever you can. This support can make or break their success with sobriety.

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Intervention Services Philadelphia

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