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Rehab Scottsdale

Going through the drug rehabilitation process is a painful experience during the initial phases. But no more painful than having to deal with the addiction for the rest of the life; a condition that will eventually end up causing severe physical and psychological damages, affect the loved ones and lead to sudden, premature death. We, the professionals at Scottsdale Recovery, do our best to prevent these outcomes and the only way to do it is by giving our rehabilitation program a human face.

Rehab in Scottsdale stands for more than just the dry, impersonal medical assistance the government programs will provide drug addicts with. Here, we have grown aware of the fact that it takes more than that to help a patient not only overcome his condition but also significantly improve their lives along the way.

Addiction can prove to be extremely damaging on long-term with effects that go beyond the merely physical. The patient will sometimes experience severe psychological side-effects which, in time, tend to worsen. These include:

- Tendency towards depression

- Episodes of anxiety

- A more volatile temperament

- Sudden and often mood shifts even without any apparent reason

- Paranoia and confusion

- Hallucinations and the predisposition towards irrational behavior

- Incoherent thinking

- Diminished focus, along with the incapacity to interact normally with others

- Anti-social behavior and even suicidal tendencies

Aside from these symptoms, regular substance abuse could also end up affecting preexistent mental disorders, including Alzheimer’s, Bipolar Disorder and others.

The struggle of coming clean

Rehab in Scottsdale embodies multiple aspects of what it entails to get rid of an addiction. The road to a cleaner, happier life is tough from an addict’s perspective, because addiction can never be fully cured. The danger of it returning to take over the individual’s life will always be there because it functions similar to any disease – expose the organism to the same factors and the disease may trigger once more.

However, there is a crucial difference between substance addiction and any other health affection: the free will. So long as the patient shows determination, conviction and a strong set of values, drug or alcohol addiction can never return, because it takes the conscious act of resuming the addictive behavior for that to happen. And if the patient keeps himself away from temptation and resists to the urge of allowing his tendencies to take over, there is virtually no chance of relapse.

This is the most challenging part of the process – dealing with the human nature. Over 85% of the drug addicts relapse within the first year after leaving the rehabilitation facilities. Completing the program doesn’t guarantee for a clean, drug-free or alcohol-free life. It only shows that, when needed, the individual can take control over his own life.

This is why all programs of drug rehab in Scottsdale come with numerous innovative treatment methods to steer the patient onto the right path. And we, at Scottsdale Recovery, will do our best to help the patients overcome their demons, as well as develop the necessary skills to defeat and control them for good.

Rehab Scottsdale
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