Northern California Alcohol Rehab Centers

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Northern California Alcohol Rehab Centers

Addiction to anything be it drugs, alcohol, other substances, any habit, etc. Addictions if left unchecked can lead to addictions that are uncontrollable and very harmful for your physical, mental, and social health. The negative effects that these addictions bring in the life of the individuals are more or less the same, they make you lose hold of your personality, have family and social issues, harm your health and career, amongst others. However not all these addictions can and should be treated the same way. The addictions must be treated in the best way possible and not one same plan is applied for all sorts of addictions (an act which is very common in most rehab centers) as a plan like this may treat the addiction temporarily but the individual is highly likely to bounce back to their addiction.

How is alcohol addiction different from other addictions and should be treated differently?

Alcohol addiction like all other addictions is a separate type of addiction, due to different reasons and circumstances. Hence alcohol addictions must not be treated using the same traditional approach of treating addiction that is commonly used, because it is not effective. Almost all addicts relapse within a few days of leaving the rehab center. Alcohol addicts need to be treated with a method that resonates with them and helps them divert their minds whenever they feel the need to drink alcohol. They need to be associated with an activity that provides relief to their mind and relaxes their heart and brains. And we all know, there is no better and quicker way to obtain this state of peace than listening to good music that resonates with your soul.

What is music therapy and how does it help with alcohol addiction?

Music therapy and mental health go hand in hand. Since addictions and especially alcohol addictions are more about the will and control of mind this method introduced by us, the heavenly center, the leading amongst the northern California alcohol rehab centers is very effective and has been proven as the most successful treatment for lasting alcohol addiction treatments.

Since letting go of an addiction is not easy and leads to feelings like anxiety and depressions, these must be treated. That is why our method is very successful as music therapy and depression treatment are a very successful combination.

What makes our rehab center so successful?

We believe in innovation and work with full compassion to make the journey of our patients a joyful and peaceful one. We do not believe in the categorization of individuals into a group and hence apply customization. We have created this program of Music therapy keeping in mind the different responses of individuals to music and various treatments. We first determine, what kind of music is good for depression and alcohol treatment for every individual and will help them treat it. The patients are then encouraged to listen to their music list whenever they feel the urge for drinking, it helps them divert their mind from the craving. It also caters to the feelings of anxiety as music therapy and anxiety treatment are highly popular and effective. This treatment is best for individuals struggling with alcohol addiction and reduces the chances of relapse to almost none as it can be effectively practiced even after the patients are done with the rehab program.

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