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Nowadays, you don’t need to tell people drugs are bad anymore. They already know that; pretty much everybody knows that. What they don’t understand is the extent to which the damages can go – drugs are harmful, but how harmful? At our Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, we know that one of the most useful tools we have in the war on drugs is information. The more educated individuals are, the less likely it is for them to experience the pitfall of addiction.

The Phoenix rehab programs have been developed to touch all aspects of the problem, and there are a few to deal with. Drug addiction is the disease of the 21st century and probably one of the most complex ones we’ve ever had to fight.

The numbers are disastrous:

  • More than 27 million people over the age of 12 have admitted using illicit drugs at least once in 2014; this makes for approximately 10% of the US’s population
  • Around 29 million people (11% of the US’s population) have admitted driving while intoxicated over the course of the same year
  • 6.5 million people have admitted abusing prescription drugs or using them for recreational purposes
  • Close to 22 million Americans showed signs of substance use disorder
  • Only 2.5 million Americans received the treatment they needed
  • 59% of the rehab admissions were related to drugs, with the rest of 41% involving alcoholism

Not only that these numbers seem scary enough on their own, but they also don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In such a gruesome contest, the Phoenix rehab programs appear to be the last line of defense.

The art of drug rehabilitation

Although it is primarily a science, the treatment has to include some rather innovative touches as well. Here we have clinical and psychological approaches, as well as others that are a bit more unconventional, dealing with emotional traumas and environmental factors triggering and supporting the addictive behavior.

These different approaches are imperative because drugs will end up destroying a patient’s life on all fronts.

Some examples include:

  • Familial problems – Since the addict’s behavior will change dramatically as a result of the chemical changes in the brain, the family will often disavow the individual, in many cases worsening the condition.
  • Massive financial downsides – The drug addiction needs to be maintained one way or another; this often includes depleting all the financial resources and bury the patient in debts he cannot escape.
  • Legal issues – It is only a matter of time until the addict will get into trouble with the law, mainly due to his impaired thinking, the tendency towards paranoia and psychosis, and so on.
  • Losing the job – The moment the drugs will take over the individual’s mind, that’s the moment of him steering on a path of self-destruction he can neither predict nor avoid. Losing the job will be just one more step towards a predictable, grim outcome.

The Phoenix rehab programs at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center are some of the most well-constructed, aiming not only to help people overcome addiction but sort things right with their private and professional lives as well. We have become experts at teaching people how to start enjoying life once more.

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