Psychotherapist Beverly Hills

Psychotherapist Beverly Hills

Dr. Arlene Drake is a renowned psychotherapist in Beverly Hills with 30+ years of experience in treating clients with complex personality disorders and mental health illnesses. Personality disorders, PTSD, anxiety disorders, and depression; these are just some of the conditions Dr. Drake helps people to cope with, overcome, and get the most out of life. As a private psychotherapist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Arlene Drake can meet with you in-person in her office or talk on the phone or even Skype communication – whatever works for you!

How to Overcome My Mental Health Problems with Therapy?

How do you tell the difference between a mental health issue and something that is unique to your personality? Personality isn’t something that a person is born with. Rather, our personalities are shaped and developed throughout our lives, especially the earlier, formative years. For example, from a very young age, we start to learn which parts of us are acceptable and unacceptable in our family system. We bend or adjust all the parts of ourselves into a personality that fits within our family system.

As a leading psychotherapist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Arlene Drake can help you to look at your personality objectively. For example, if a person seems to be overly shy, she takes the time to figure out why they are so shy. In other words, she determines what the underlying cause of your shyness is, and perhaps even more importantly, how she can help you find more confidence.

Do I Need a Psychotherapist in Beverly Hills?

How do you know whether you have a severe anxiety problem or just happen to feel anxious about something at the moment? From a clinical perspective, something becomes a disorder when it reaches the point of getting in the way of your being able to function as a normal, happy, and healthy human being. If your relationships or work are suffering as a result of anxiety, then yes, you should probably seek professional counseling.

As a rule of thumb, if you are considering seeking therapy, you probably should at least open that door and peer inside. People who are mentally healthy and stable typically don’t have thoughts and inclinations to seek therapy. Dr. Arlene Drake provides free over-the-phone consultations, so give her a call. It’s best to treat the problem rather than to let it persist. Too many people go through life carrying unnecessary baggage and burdens that they don’t have to haul around.

Some people are able to live and function normally but deal with frequent or semi-frequent waves of anxiety or depression. These kinds of people may or may not decide that they want to seek professional counseling. Ultimately, the choice is theirs. It’s normal to experience these kinds of feelings from time to time. In fact, they are a part of the human experience.

Contact Arlene Drake Today

Having some practices and routines in place can help you to self soothe when you have these feelings, and that’s what Dr. Arlene Drake can help with. Self-awareness is the key. Contact Arlene Drake today to get help from an experienced psychotherapist in Beverly Hills.

Psychotherapist Beverly Hills

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Psychotherapist Beverly Hills

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