ptsd treatment centers covered by cigna Pacific Palisades

ptsd treatment centers covered by cigna Pacific Palisades

One of the best PTSD treatment centers covered by Cigna in Pacific palisades is just around the corner when you need treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. ReConnect has a passion for providing exceptional trauma recovery outpatient care in a safe and comfortable environment. If you can’t commit to an overnight stay in recovery or are simply looking for a better approach to PTSD treatment, we have the perfect program to meet your needs. Get in touch with our staff today by calling ReConnect at 310-713-6739 or use our convenient Web form.

5 Reasons To Contact Us Regarding PTSD Treatment

1. We offer our clients flexible access to outpatient behavioral health services that are designed to fit your busy lifestyle. If you have resonsibilities at home, are in school, or working a job, you can still find time to meet with our behavioral health therapists to find a way to effectively manage your PTSD symptoms. Although more and more rehabs are advocating for inpatient treatment for PTSD, at ReConnect, we still believe outpatient trauma and depression therapy is an excellent tool.

2. Our team is made up of a handful of highly credentialed and qualified clinicians and therapists who can offer you the best of care during post traumatic stress disorder treatment. When calling around to treatment centers, you won’t often get the chance to meet the staff in the same way that we offer on our website. Feel free to take some time to Meet Dr Darsa, Shilloy Sanchez, and Jorge Rivera.

3. You’ll discover a long list of therapeutic services offered by ReConnect- none of which include prescription medications. If you’re currently medicating to deal with PTSD, you’ll soon find that trauma therapies offered by our staff are far more effective in the long-term as well as being safer. From Somatic therapies and EMDR to Brainspotting and Acupuncture, our options are wide and varied at ReConnect. We invite you to click the ‘How We Treat’ link to read about additional therapies we offer to PTSD clients.

4. We’re not the only trauma recovery center in the area but we are one of the only outpatient PTSD treatment centers covered by Cigna in Pacific Palisades. While you consider your options for outpatient treatment to heal from past trauma, consider giving us a call to discuss your health insurance plan and have us perform an insurance benefits check.

5. If you’ve tried everything to treat PTSD without success, you may be feeling discouraged or even depressed about your situation. You’re not alone in your journey; our specialists and therapists are here for you to help you find a genuine treatment that will lead to healing from PTSD.

When you’re ready, verify your insurance plan with our staff by filling out our web form or by calling ReConnect at 310-713-6739. Don’t wait to seek treatment for your condition- hope lies beyond the doors to our facility. No matter how deep-seated your PTSD is or how long you’ve been dealing with it, we can help.

ptsd treatment centers covered by cigna Pacific Palisades

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