Rehab Centers That Accept United Healthcare

Rehab Centers That Accept United Healthcare

We are a free advisory service provider, and we specialize in helping individuals battling addiction find the best inpatient drug rehab near them. If you are searching for  rehab centers that accept united healthcare, we can help you get admissions at a leading rehab facility that accepts your insurance.

United Healthcare policy coverage for substance abuse

UHC is one of the country’s largest health insurance providers with a broad spectrum of policies and different levels of coverage. Most of the United Healthcare plans provide coverage for addiction treatment. The payment of services and out-of-pocket costs can fluctuate based on the policy you choose and your location. UHC has an exclusive behavioral health division where policyholders get to speak to a substance abuse treatment professional to clarify their concerns and doubts. One of the major advantages of UHC plans is that it offers preventative care visits, which include screening and counseling for alcohol and drug abuse in a primary care setting.

UHC plans typically cover inpatient detox, outpatient detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient alcohol and drug abuse rehab. Remember that some plans may have a pre-certification requirement depending upon the services it covers and the treatment type. We help individuals with an addiction problem find the best rehab centers that accept united healthcare. We not only help verify insurance but also offer free advisory services and place individuals in treatment facilities that specialize in their addiction condition.

United Healthcare coverage for inpatient treatment

The extent of coverage you can expect for inpatient rehab depends on the type of policy you have and where you live. Besides the popular individual and family insurance plans, UHC also offers short term medical plans that cover the cost of substance abuse treatment. Under the UHC short-term medical plan, individuals enjoy coverage for a wide variety of substance abuse programs. However, if you choose the lowest premium plan, you may not receive coverage for expenses related to substance abuse treatment.

If you choose one of the United Healthcare’s policies that offer comprehensive coverage, expect to pay a 20-30% deductible. Your insurance will kick in after you pay your deductible. Remember that with UHC plans, the policies come with a term maximum of $3,000. This means that you must pay out of pocket for any substance abuse treatment cost over and above $3000.

United Healthcare coverage for outpatient treatment

UHC’s outpatient rehab coverage is a lot similar to inpatient benefits. UHC’s short term plan offers coverage for outpatient rehab treatment but involves a 20-30% coinsurance. Also, for outpatient doctor visits, the policy covers only up to $50 per visit. Under the short term coverage, there is a policy term maximum of $3,000 per insured person.

If you have doubts about what rehab facilities accept your insurance, we can place you in the best treatment center that accepts your insurance. Your search for ‘rehab centers that accept united healthcare’ ends here. Our skilled admissions coordinators at can help you find the best inpatient drug rehab near you. Call us now at (888) 368-3288 to get started on your journey towards recovery.

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Rehab Centers That Accept United Healthcare

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