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At Valley Recovery Center, we have helped hundreds of individuals overcome addiction and achieve sobriety, going on to lead healthy and prosperous lives. We are one of the very best rehabs in Northern California. Call us for admissions.

How long does rehabilitation last?

There is no one standard treatment duration for addiction treatment. The time you spend in rehab for treatment will depend on factors like the substance of abuse, duration of drug usage, and the severity of the addiction. Rehab programs in general range from 30-90 days. There are also extended rehab programs like sober living homes to help individuals right out of rehab to adapt to the external environment slowly. Valley Recovery Center offers a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, and sober living options.

Individuals with severe addiction and mental health issues often require at least three months of rehab and must go to a facility that offers detox and inpatient services. Research and studies show that longer duration in rehab offers the best outcomes. During a person’s stay in a rehab facility, they will usually participate in a variety of therapies, including one-on-one counseling sessions, and support group sessions to help them attain sobriety. Call us to learn more about the treatments we offer.

Benefits of a professional rehab

The harsh reality is that you cannot overcome addiction on your own and you should not try it. It is both risky and ineffective. The best way to achieve and maintain sobriety is with the help of professionals in a controlled environment. We have treated many people who have attempted self-help methods and we have used our effective treatment methods to help them heal completely.

At our center, you will receive continuous professional assistance and guidance to help you understand your problems, improve your physiological status, and remain focused on your goals. If you're ready to leave your addiction behind, we hope you will consider joining our rehab program as soon as possible.

Should I choose an outpatient rehab program?

For those with mild to moderate levels of addiction, an intensive outpatient program or a partial hospitalization program may work wonders long-term.

Your recovery depends on a variety of factors, including the experts assisting you, the programs and amenities available, and the environment itself. This means that, for best results, you need professional assistance – and fast. Our program keeps you focused on the treatment therapies throughout your journey, which promotes faster recovery and long-term sobriety.

Most rehab centers offer treatment for co-occurring mental disorders through counseling, biofeedback, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavioral therapy, and EMDR therapy. These treatment methods enable our therapists to teach effective coping mechanisms to patients, helping them to overcome triggering situations.

We not only help our patients with their addiction, but we treat the root cause of their addiction by offering treatment for co-occurring disorders. We are one of the leading rehabs in Northern California. Speak to one of our consultants at Valley Recovery Center and get started today.

Rehabs In Northern California

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